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"The books look strikingly wondrous. I particularly admire the larger format for Arc of the Dream. Simply as physical objects, as books, you have created two fine works of art! Thank you."A. A. Attanasio. Critically acclaimed author of the Radix Tetrad


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"You said that this would be the best edition of the book, and I agree that it did turn out better than either of Berkley's. Thank you for allowing me to collaborate with you."
Alexei Panshin. Hugo and Nebula Winning Author

"My daughter was extremely pleased with Tom Paine Maru's interior appearance. She's something of a typeface (and grammar) Nazi and to get praise from her is really something"
L. Neil Smith. Multiple Award Winning Author


Complex projects may incur additional costs, graphic elements charged at the rate of $10.00 per graphic element. Total cost, including graphics and complexity, if applicable, quoted before commencement of project.

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Links to sample books at Amazon:
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Fatal Faultlines (Award Winner)
The Hemingway Hoax (Award Winner)
Beggars in Spain
(Award Winner)

Arc Manor was established in 2006. To ensure total quality control of our books we set up our own in-house typesetting department which typesets all our books (including all books published by Arc Manor and its subsidiaries, including Serenity Publishers and Phoenix Pick)

Since 2006 we have published many award-winning books by well-known authors. The same department and typesetters who work on these award winning books will be the ones who will work on your book…to give it that professional edge that is needed in today’s market to make your book stand out from the thousands of others flooding the stores.

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