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Books are about conveying ideas from the author's mind to yours. A typesetter's job is to present those words in the  most efficient, non-intrusive manner possible so that the ideas are transferred without any hindrances.

Creating such a medium requires a careful consideration of many factors. These include the overall page layout; fonts to be used; margins; the arrangement of the paragraphs; the methodology of paragraph breaks; hyphenations rules,  headers, footers, tables, contents, utilization of white space and so on.

Most readers will not notice these attributes consciously, precisely because the successful typesetter will make these decisions with the intent of making the reader focus on the ideas of the author, not on how those ideas are physically presented.

And therein lies the art of typesetting, for the book must be visually appealing without distracting the reader from the author's words.

A well-typeset book will lead to sales without the reader even knowing how he or she is being influenced by the appealing design of the book. A badly typeset book will definitely turn the potential buyer off.

Some common mistakes to avoid

1.No hyphenation (professional books always hyphenate).

2. Trying to fit too many words on a page.

3. Using the wrong form (straight) of quotation marks instead of the correct form (curved).

4. Using double-spaces after periods instead of a single space.

5. Using automatic double returns after paragraphs.

6. Using too many different type of fonts.

7. Using underlines for emphasis instead of italics of bolds.

8. Not using small-caps when appropriate.

9. Using a normal single dash or double dashes instead of 'em' or 'en' dashes.

10. (US, European standards are different) Using a sans serif font for main text.

11. Too much white-space on pages.

12. Equal sized margins all around the page.

13. Using spaces before, after or between ellipsis (the three dots appearing together). Actually, the elipsis, in most professional typesetting packages have their own glyph, but if using a period to create ellipsis, there should not be any spaces between the periods.










"You said that this would be the best edition of the book, and I agree that it did turn out better than either of Berkley's. Thank you for allowing me to collaborate with you."Alexei Panshin. Hugo and Nebula
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